Financial pundits agree that buying a used car is a better financial decision than buying a new one. What they only say implicitly but you will never hear on the streets is that this conclusion only holds true if you get the best buy. Warm up for spoilt days in case you buy a lemon from a used car dealership. However, this is avoidable through careful planning and researching. Below are four things you must do to get the best deal on a used car.

  1. Get to average market prices

It is assumed that you already decided on the car model which you wish to buy. If you have not, then spend some time researching for one that meets your commuting and transportation needs. The number of occupants, cargo space, and driving conditions are some of the factors to consider when settling on a car type.

Once you have settled on your vehicle of choice, the first point of focus is finding out the best prices in the market. Some websites offer the best estimates of the costs of a used vehicle. The only information you should have to use these price estimations tools are the mileage and vehicle’s condition. It does not matter whether you are buying from a used car dealerships in Bloomington Indiana or a friend.

  1. Get experienced information

This by no means implies asking for a dealer’s opinion, unless they drive the same car themselves. Jump the train and go to people who are driving or have owned the car model you are looking at. Relatives and friends will be a good source. Otherwise, visit online forums. You will be surprised how much you can learn about the car. Focus on comments about the cons and find out their legitimacy.

  1. Check for recalled records

Manufacturer recalls cars which have hazardous flaws. Check out logs on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recalls database to find out if the car model had been recalled. Do not buy a car that had been recalled unless the seller can prove that the recall issues had been solved.

  1. Read the car’s history

The only way to avoid this stage is when buying a new car. Check if the vehicle had been involved in an accident, assuming they were reported. If you find it has a salvage title, do not break a sweat asking for an explanation. Forget about it and start all over again. It means the vehicle had been written off by an insurance firm. You should also request for the vehicle’s services records. Avoid cars that have records of major repairs.

The four actions highlighted above form the foundation of buying a used car. Avoid being duped into a lemon deal by purchasing from a certified used car dealerships in Bloomington Indiana.

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