Transforming your bedroom into an ocean-side oasis doesn’t have to be difficult. Just focus on the room’s focal point with beach themed bedding and the rest falls into place.

Bring on the Blues

Start your beach-side theme with bed linens that mimic the colors of the ocean. Select bedsheets, pillow shams and a duvet in varied shades of light blue. Then add a few pillows and a throw blanket for the foot of the bed in off-white, beige or khaki. Voila! You’ve got a beach on your bed. Finish the look with furniture and accessories in light wood tones, white and blue.

Get Soft with Green

You can evoke the feeling of the ocean in other ways, too. Try transferring your blue tones to a throw rug and accent pieces. Meanwhile, keep the bed your focal point by adding the unexpected.

How so? How about adding crisp, white linens to the bed? That creates the look of waves at play in the middle of the sea.

Then add a wow factor with a white comforter sporting light green stripes. This gives the effect that extra layer of the ocean.

Finish off the look with light blue throw pillows and furniture in light wood or white tones.

Man Up with Gray

A beach theme doesn’t have to be feminine. A bedroom can take on that sailor-at-sea vibe very easily, with a little thought. Try sheets in soft blue and gray. Then add a soft gray comforter and white pillows sporting blue pinstripes. Finish off the look with whitewashed shiplap walls and furniture in black and brown tones. Suddenly, your bedroom transports you to an adventure on the high sea.

Make a Statement with Coral

Transforming your bedroom into a beach-themed sanctuary doesn’t mean you have to adhere to the traditional color palette. Instead, you can take a fun approach by celebrating the brightly-colored lifesaver. Choose white sheets and a quilt sporting coral patterns. Add throw pillows in those same tones, as well as soft blue. Complete the light-hearted, beach-inspired look with off-white walls that give a nod to sand and accessories in hues found in the bedding.

Punctuate with a Pattern

Bring the beach to your bedroom with plush linens in a plaid that marries hues of blue and green. Top them with a man-made fur comforter in an off-white shade reminiscent of sand. Mix in matching pillows with starfish patterns, in tones complimentary to the sheets, as well as those in solid blue to evoke the ocean with beach themed bedding. Finish the ocean-side look with like accessories and light blue walls.