Imagine the fun and excitement of summer gatherings with family and friends around your private backyard pool. Or, relaxing with a loved one while you enjoy a late-night swim while listening to the crickets. Owning a pool can be a joy, but thinking about that strong smelling, eye-burning chlorine and the never-ending maintenance is enough to make you rethink ownership. But, you have to deal with that smell to have a clean, safe pool, right? Actually no. Salt water pools are a clean, gentle alternative to a traditional chlorine swimming pool.

Salt Water Does Not Mean No Chlorine

First, it is vital that you understand that when you have a salt water pool it does not mean there is no chlorine used or that your water is dirty or unsanitary. In fact, the salt water solution used in the pool creates its own chlorine that works to keep the water fresh, clean and safe. While the salt water solution pool creates chlorine, it will not have the same smell and eye-burning effect of a traditional pool.

The Water is Fresher Than You May Think

If you’ve never swum in a salt water pool before, you may expect the water to feel salty, briny or even murky like the ocean. Once you experience it for yourself, you’ll realize the difference. In fact, the salt water solution is much less intense than sea water. It will be much closer to “regular” water and have a fresh, clean feel–just without all the smell!

Additional Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

While the lack of chlorinated smell is probably the number one reason why people choose salt water pools, there are many other benefits too. You can feel good about reducing the number of chemicals you and your family are exposed to every day. Plus, salt water pools have “softer” water than traditional chlorinated pools. This means the water will feel “softer” and silkier to the touch compared to chlorinated water–leaving your hair and skin feeling better too. Finally, salt water pools are easy to maintain with less day to day work.

No matter what you’re looking for with a salt water system, it can be a smart choice for many pool owners. If you have any questions or concerns about salt water chlorination or anything else related to pool care, reach out to us at Poolwerx today. We look forward to keeping you comfortable and happy in your pool!