Anabol Testo Caps is the popular name in the fitness world when it comes to gaining muscle and strength. It’s the most preferred choice of body builders and athletes. We have done some research on Anabol Testo caps and summarized here.

With so many recent advancements in the medical world, there are lots of body building supplements available. However, choosing the right supplement is very important. Many supplements contain harmful chemicals while Anabol Testo Cap is a natural supplement based on Dianobol.


Anabol Testo Cap is an excellent solution for those who want to grow stronger and gain muscle mass. It’s mostly a preferred choice for bulking cycle.

Anabol Testo Cap is a very powerful supplement. It increases protein synthesizing rate in the body and thus helps in building muscles. It has been scientifically tested and verified by health experts and listed in the category of safest steroids.

Health and Body building benefits

Due to its versatile nature, Anabol testo caps serve both health and body building benefits. It’s used in the medical world for treating health issues like:

  • Dwarfism
  • Interstitial pituitary insufficiency
  • Adrenocortical insufficiency

Moreover, it increases the metabolism rate of protein and thus maintains the level of nitrogen in the body.

Some of the body building benefits of Anabol testo are listed here:

  • It will improve the overall functionality of the muscles.
  • It also increases stamina and enhances strength.
  • It will enhance your performance and thus will give you the ability for working out.
  • Gains in size.


If you’re considering the capsule, recommended dosage for you is 25 to 50 mg per day. For those who prefer to get injected, recommended dosage for you is 25 to 50 mg per day.

The dosage cycle of Anabol testo lasts for 4 to 5 weeks. You can also stack it with other steroids like

  • testosterone propionate
  • Test e or Tren a
  • Testosterone cypionate.
  • Anadrol
  • Nandrolone

What about side effects?

As mentioned, Anabol testo is the natural supplement and hence it’s safer than real steroid drugs. It has no after effects if proper dosage is taken. We all know that any medicine can be harmful if you take extremely high or over dosage. You should always take recommended dosage for safety purpose and effective results.

We recommend our readers to consider factors like trusted sources, quality, brand names, expiry dates etc. while purchasing. Stay fit and healthy!