Shopping for the perfect engagement ring is an exciting experience, but it can turn into an unpleasant one if you make certain mistakes. When looking for the right ring for your significant other, keep the following common mistakes in mind and avoid making them at all costs. 

Being in a Rush

No matter how eager you are to propose to your significant other, rushing to buy a diamond engagement ring is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Rushing increases your risk of choosing a ring that doesn’t fit right or doesn’t offer the kind of quality you were expecting. If you end up with a poor quality ring or one that’s the wrong size, you might find yourself needing jewelry repair in Scottsdale instead of being able to celebrate this special moment in your life. 

Guessing the Ring Size

If you want your proposal to be a surprise, you’ll need to figure out a way to determine your significant other’s ring size. Guessing the size can mean getting a ring that needs to be resized in order to fit right. Check your significant other’s ring size if possible or ask family and friends for that information if they have it. If your significant other is expecting an engagement ring, you can visit a jeweler to figure out the correct sizing. 

Only Focusing on Diamond Size

Don’t make the assumption that getting as big of a diamond as possible is the only factor you need to worry about when choosing an engagement ring. You might not be familiar with different diamond shapes and ring designs, but your significant other most likely has certain preferences, such as a Marquise, Round or Princess shape. Find out what those preferences are instead of just choosing the biggest diamond ring you can afford. 

Overlooking the Four C’s

When you buy a diamond, it’s important to know about the four C’s that go along with it, which are cut, carat, color and clarity. A diamond’s cut is the way it’s cut and polished to reflect light, while carat is its weight. Color means whether the diamond is clear or has a tone to it, while clarity describes a diamond’s inner flaws. Being familiar with the four C’s can help you get a high-quality diamond and reduce the risk of ending up needing jewelry repair in Scottsdale for a highly flawed ring. 

Forgetting to Factor in the Wedding Band

While shopping for a diamond engagement ring, you should also keep the wedding band in mind. Wedding bands and engagement rings are usually worn on the same finger and should fit well together. If you and your significant other have certain wedding band shapes in mind, make sure that the engagement ring will fit right with it.