When you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may have many questions and concerns that only an experienced health professional can answer. At Choices Women’s Medical Center, we can provide the detailed, scientific answers you need. You emotional and medical needs are our first concern, and we will do all we can to make your visit to our facility both comfortable and informative.

Caring for Women Is Our Core Mission

Choices Women’s Medical Center is a woman-owned and operated facility that has served women’s needs for over 45 years. Our state-of-the-art facility is located in the heart of the city in Jamaica Queens. Our board-certified health professionals and trained staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for women in New York City and surrounding areas.

Compassionate Care at Choices Women’s Medical Center

We offer abortion services for women in New York City and surrounding areas, as well as gynecological care, prenatal care and behavioral health services. Whatever your age or lifestyle, we can provide support for your physical and emotional well being, to allow you to determine the course of your life as you see fit.

Types of Abortion Services

You will first meet with a trained social worker that will determine your health needs and counsel you on the abortion procedure. If your pregnancy is within 10 weeks, we can offer supervised medical abortion. If the pregnancy is within 12 weeks a surgical abortion is available. When the pregnancy is between 13 to 24 weeks, a surgical abortion is necessary. Your counselor, along with a physician, will determine the best type of procedure for your needs.

Financial Help Is Available at Choices Women’s Medical Center

We can help you apply for Emergency Medicaid or assist you in applying for other forms of financial assistance that is available for your medical costs. If you are coming from out of town, we can help you find affordable or no-cost housing.

Contact Choices Women’s Medical Center For An Abortion Clinic in New York City

Our name “Choices” stands for Creative Health Organization for Information, Counseling and Educational Services. Our goal has been to provide comprehensive women’s health services that is confidential, compassionate and offers women an opportunity to empower themselves. When you need abortion services, we can support and assist you in making this important decision. You can count on us to provide superior healthcare for your needs. Call Choices Women’s Medical Center today at 718-786-5000 for an appointment to learn about options for your healthcare.