Aging is inevitable and so are facial fine lines. Facial fine lines refer to the sagging skin in the face like forehead creases and wrinkles.  These happen when there are irregular thickening and lowering of water retention in the dermis due to the depletion of collagen and elastin production responsible for defining the facial shape, strength, and elasticity.

What are facial fine lines?

Furrows like wrinkles can be classified as dynamic and static. Dynamic furrows refer to the lines where there is an active muscle movement while static remains unchanged despite of the muscle movement; examples of the these are wrinkles or crow’s feet, worry lines or forehead creases, and frown lines between eyebrows. Whether you use these muscles or not, they will still appear as people grow older. Now, this is the problem faced by adults and young adults alike in their daily lives. Due to stress from work combined with aging, these fine lines will likely to appear more in your early twenties. And sometimes, makeups are not enough to cover these signs of aging. That’s why some people seek help from beauty experts like cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists to maintain their youthful and vibrant look.

Why there’s a need for facial fine lines removal?


Looks are important in work, job application, and dating. It is the first thing a person sees in you aside from your fashion sense. People can tell if you are stressed or not by just simply looking in your face. Looks are very important in work especially if you’re assigned as the representative of your company where you are the first one to cater the needs of prospective clients. If your look is so grumpy and stressed even if you are doing it unintentionally, it could send wrong signals to your probable clients making them unwelcomed. Thus, loosing profit in the business and no employees and employers want that.

This is the reason why dermal fillers are made to solve the problems of those who want to stay youthful not in the age but in the face.

What are dermal fillers?


Dermal fillers can be naturally or synthetically derived. It is made of hyaluronic acid (HA) a naturally occurring non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan (GAG) found in the dermis which can hold large volume of water. To prolong its life in the body, HA is cross-linked. HA is used in skin care products for moisturizing and lubrication. This is due to its hydrophilic or water-loving property.  Since it is a long chain HA, cosmetic industries break it down for easier absorption when applied to the skin.

Dermal fillers treatment in Malaysia are very famous and is a necessary part of every beauty routine. These dermal fillers are made from stabilized hyaluronic acid coming from non-animal sources. It is known as NASHA (non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid) and is available as injectables. These dermal fillers are FDA approved.

Dermal fillers function differently according to its types because of the difference in its compositions. These dermal fillers are classified as temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent.  Temporary dermal fillers could last 9-12 months and can be injected again after the fillers are consumed so you can be safe from permanent and hard-to-correct side effects.

How HA works?


Hyaluronic acid has many benefits. In medicine, it used as shock absorbers while in cosmetics it is used as beauty enhancers. HA adds volume and plumping effect to the drooping skin by increasing the amount of water absorbed and counter-effects the water loss due to sun exposure. Since it functions as lubricants, it adds fluidity in the joint movements and cures eye dryness.  It also aids in curing wounds like sunburns caused by excessive skin dryness.