Faults in the electrical wiring systems cause the majority of fires and fatal electric shock accidents. Over the past decade (2007-2016), there has been a downward trend in the rates of electrical-related fatalities and injuries in Canada. While progress has been made to reduce the number of accidents, the causes and contexts of them remain the same. The main https://house-renovations.com/electrical-wiring/ source of all electrical injury accidents (around 25%) is portable electrical equipment (PPE). Damaged electrical leads cause nearly 2000 fires a year.

Needless to say, that overall safety of the electrical installation is a direct responsibility of property owners. The most important issues in electrical installation are quality of workmanship, standards of performance and prediction of possible hazards. Worksperformed by unqualified installers or tenants can lead to the described faults.

It is vitally important to perform all kinds of electrical works, inspection, testing and maintenance of new or altered electrical systems by competent certified electricians who have appropriate trouble-shooting skills and electronics knowledgeto provide correct maintenance services and electrical installation in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code andthe Wiring Regulations of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 17th edition.

Moreover, the systemshould be tested at least every 5 years or after any kinds of repair works. All electrical works are regulated and must be conducted by appropriately licensed contractors, complied with current Standards and safety requirements, plushave certified safety compliant components under state certification regulations.

Simple visual inspections must be provided as frequently as possible. Respond immediately, if you notice the following problems:

– Anything flickering or any overheating appliance.

– Insulation failure

– Scorch marks, cracked switch, chafed wires, loose components

– Smells of ozone or burnt plastic

– Water around electrical fittings

– Overheating

– Odd noises or behavior in machinery

Get the fact, that once hazards have been identified and risks assessed, appropriate control measures must be put in place.

It is no surprise that perfectionism is crucial for electrical work, given the potential safety risks involved, and it is why electrical inspection and testing training is so important.It is recommended to get a general system audit regularly by your electrical contractor, such as House Renovations company. An audit is a further stage of quality control. Itcan be used as a planning tool for future electrical installation needs.