Eyeway, based in New Delhi, is an organization that works with the blind and for the blind, and as often as possible, runs operations by the blind of India. Their stated aim is to provide informational, infrastructural and awareness support for blind people in India, who make up about twenty percent of the world’s bind population.

Eyeway runs training programs for its beneficiaries, in a bid to enable them to develop life skills and occupational competencies they can monetize and financially free themselves from the support of family and friends. Individuals without sight have worked with Eyeway to become dancers, musicians, and even photographers! Eyeway offers jobs to the blind, and assist them with building up what they describe as a well-rounded and balanced life, much like their counterparts with vision. Eyeway’s work extends to sensitizing the Indian population to the challenges of living as a blind person, and attempts to create an environment of empathy and solidarity for the blind.

Eyeway is crowdfunding on Impact Guru, India’s leading crowdfunding platform, in a fresh endeavor to pull blind people into the mainstream. They have taken up the mission of integrating visually impaired people into the core fabric of society, and they will campaign, with raised funds, to help their proteges become active and contributory participants in social exchange between humans. They want to set in motion a wholesome ecosystem of individuals, including those who haven’t got the gift of sight, where each member has a useful and unique role to play. The organization wants to continue advocacy efforts on behalf of the blind, encourage inclusionary initiatives and mobilize some of these projects, and to offer systematic counseling programs for those with vision impairments to address their mainstreaming hurdles at a psychoemotional level.

Unlike many other crowdfunding campaigns that channel raised funds into direct-aid, Eyeway plans to utilize funds into promoting and marketing their services, and to reach through these activities the largest number of people who need their assistance. They intend to increase engagement with all segments of India’s blind population, and maximize their reach to those most in need of light.

The Eyewayfundraiser on Impact Guru has raised over ten percent of their goal amount already. To help bring light into the worlds of blind people in India, donate today.