The dark web has become an agglomeration of fraud and deceit. It’s now a complex web a notorious fraud ecosystem. For quite some time, the fraudsters have used the functionalities of the dark web to elude from the law and operate under the dark without any check. The encrypted channels of the dark web make it easier for a fraudster to operate a healthy business without intervention. Mainly, these fraudsters make money in three major ways.

How Digital Fingerprints are hidden by Fraudsters?

The first way is through the creation and distribution of code and software bundles. The software assists buyers into hacking systems and commits misconducts. The fraudsters also sell hacking tutorials and tools to aspiring young hackers such as to train and empower them with fraudster status.

The second way is through the trade of stolen personal data. Usually, these fraudsters sell personal information (such as credit/debit card details, social security numbers etc.) to personal individuals, scammers and traders so that they can use this information for fraudulent purposes. Most of these traders are scammers.

The third way is through the trade of stolen or priceless goods via deep web links. Several stolen antique artifacts and goods are resold on the dark net at an extremely high price to the right bidder. The entire transaction is safe and protected from the federal agencies.

How such Attacks can be mitigated?

Over the years, the banks worldwide have shifted to embedded chip technology for streamlining operations and curbing financial crimes. THE ECT has been known to mitigate criminal attacks and hackers effectively. The use of smart cards has been the heart of the embedded chip technology. This card is different from its predecessor magnetic stripe cards and a lot safer too. The smart card can be differentiated by its primary appearance.

The New Technology – Anti-Detect

However, the old technology is not fraudster-proof. Many fraudsters on the deep web are now using specific tools such as Anti-Detect to obtain funds from stolen cards. This tool has a variety of functionalities. It disguises and tricks the online marketplaces and also conceals the digital fingerprints and therefore makes it tough for the website to track the user. Most of the browsers are designed to create a user’s digital fingerprint based on the factors from operating system to time zones. These fingerprints are used by the bank and other financial institutions to monitor any illegal activities in the user’s account.

This technology is also made to detect plug-ins and establish a history of site visits. FraudFox, another tool used to aid fraudsters and criminals to circumvent fingerprinting and staying anonymous, has been new in the market. But Anti-Detect have been established in the market for very long, and as such has become a favorite of dark web hackers on the dark net.

Anti-Detect have the sole purpose of circumventing/hiding digital fingerprints online. The old version was capable of tricking main stream browsers. This tool is the only software globally available which has been successful in naturally paralyzing fingerprints in the most effective way possible. It has even deferred the new tool FraudFox through its varied abilities.

Anti-Detect can amass digital fingerprints for sorting and dumping in the config grabber. This kind of spoofing is done in an orderly fashion through profile assemblage. Anti-Detect collect profile information using in built Canvas Fingerprint Validation. This gives the users freedom to filter through genuine profiles from their counterfeit ones, and for this reason this tool has not yet succeeded into amassing a large collection of profiles. An exclusive algorithm works underneath to authenticate browser snippets from various workstations, which are then analyzed to detect the valid ones.

Anti-Detect boasts about 30 percent of authenticated and activated profiles, and the numbers seem to rise every day. Overall, this tool provides precision of validating profiles, efficient speed through which the tool operates and an enhanced coverage. It is also technically easier to use and is also highly efficient in all its functionalities. The dark web likes to tap into its efficiency of continued proliferation of carding criminal syndicates.

The Anti-Detect browser claims to be foolproof, and would successfully intervene any online traders of any misconduct like cashing out from illegally stolen credit cards.

The Bottom Line

The future will see a rise in anti-fingerprinting software, and as such the deep web is going to reciprocate to this advancement in technology as well. It is a matter of great concern whether the current online marketplaces and dark web is ready to withstand this eruption of frauds.