SEO has recently taken off as a marketing tool that promises improved sales and greatly increased visibility for your website. What was once limited to the relatively technical domain of developers and programmers has now ballooned into the mainstream marketing phenomenon that it is today?

All this hullaballoo begs the question: is SEO really worth the hype and fuss that has sprung up around it? Can it justify its expense enough to make a place on your marketing budget? And most importantly: is SEO for everyone? Read on to know the answers.

Is it really marketing?

Many headlines on popular websites scream the words SEO marketing. From SEO marketing for mortgage brokers to SEO marketing for photographers, there seems to be no end to this term that is in it a misnomer. SEO is not a marketing strategy. It optimises your website so that it appears higher up in the search results page when a user searches for certain relevant terms on a search engine. SEO is not an outreach tool; if people are not aware of your product, SEO is not going to help you inform those people and convert them into customers. That is what marketing is for: outreach and information. SEO can streamline your access to prospective customers in the sense that the people who are searching for related terms on the internet are already interested in the service you provide. This makes SEO efficient since any resources you spend on search engine optimisation is guaranteed to reach out to people who are definitely interested.

Is it effective?

This question can be tricky to answer. On one hand, when you purely consider the efficacy of SEO as a technique, there is no doubt that it is effective. A properly configured SEO strategy can significantly boost your blog traffic. Since most users do not venture past the first few entries on the first page of the search results, SEO can be the difference in getting clicked on and getting totally ignored.

However, like we said before, SEO is not a marketing tool. It is not going to help you reach demographics that are unaware of your services. If that is what you are expecting, then SEO is obviously not the way to go. Pay per click marketing like Google AdWords and social media marketing on leading social media networks like Facebook and Google Plus is the more appropriate solution to that problem.

Should you go for SEO?

Unequivocally yes. Any tool that boosts traffic to your website is important to the long term success to your business and to that end SEO is extremely effective. You do not even have to go for a paid SEO service provider; you can achieve about 70% of the results of a professionally done SEO by just reading advice and tips of the internet. SEO is really easy to get started with once you overcome the initial hurdles posed by technical jargon. Be confident and you will certainly be able to craft your very own SEO strategy.