If you’re wondering how long does weed stay in your system just a week ahead of time when you know you have a drug test coming up in a week at work, you’re most likely pretty screwed. Yes, even if you only smoked that one time a week ago. A lot of people don’t realize it until it’s too late, but THC metabolites stay present in urine for a very long time. This is partly to do with the fact that THC stores itself in the human body’s fat cells, meaning it can survive for quite a long time. There’s a lot of individual factors, of course, like most biological matters in humans. Everybody is different and has a different activity level, diet, genetic makeup, and other various habits which affect their health, which can all have significant effects on how long THC will stay in that system of yours.

    Urine tests are by far the most commonly used tests in the workplace and for legal reasons, and blood, saliva, or hair tests are generally reserved for specialized testing. Sadly, THC remains detectable in urine way longer than in any other bodily fluid, but there are ways you can look into to pass your drug test regardless of what kind. It just requires some confidence, bravery, ingenuity, and usually a few novelty items (like a belt with an internal attachment that serves as a bag for synthetic urine, to sneak a false sample out).

    So how long does weed stay in your system, for urine tests anyways? It depends on how frequently you smoke. As stated earlier, THC stores itself in fat cells, which means the metabolites are compounded when you smoke more often. For someone who smokes once in a blue moon, it takes at least a week, maybe up to ten days, for the THC to go undetected in their urine. It only gets worse from there. A frequent user, defined as perhaps smoking once or twice every weekend, but not at all every day, might have to abstain at least fifteen days, give or take, to pass a urinary drug test. Regular users, those that smoke every couple days, or maybe just a tiny bit before bed will usually need to go clean for a whole month, and finally the chronic users that smoke at least two or three times every day face up to 80 day wait periods for their urine to test negative. Rest assured, people have come up with some elaborate game plans to pass their drug tests and with the right amount of gumption and planning, you CAN pull it off.