Making bread in a bread machine is almost the same as making the bread by hand, the exceptions are the mixing, rising and baking, all of these takes place inside the machine.

Only four ingredients are required to make bread on a machine:

  • Yeast or a starter.
  • Flour.
  • Water or milk.
  • Salt for flavor and controlling fermentation.

After you have these basics, any number of other ingredients can be added.

What you should do first?

You have to first read the instructions of how the machine works before starting to bake bread because some machines require wet ingredients to go first, while others support dry ingredients. Also, you should read the instructions regarding the size and shape of loaves the machine makes, because different machines make different loaves, and also some machines have lots of setting and some machines are just automatic having only on/off buttons. You can visit this page for more accessories to help you with bread making.

Now compare the amounts of ingredients to be added, this is different for different machines, remember not to exceed the limit of the machine. Try to be as exact as possible because one teaspoon and two teaspoons of water less or more can make a huge difference in the quality of the final product.

Things you should know about yeast?

Yeasts For bread machines are specially formulated which becomes active more quickly compared to active dry yeast. Therefore, bread machine yeast can be directly mixed with other dry ingredients while active dry yeast has to be dissolved in water before using them.

Why is flour added?

Flour provides structure to the bread. You put together strands of flour and mix them, then inflate with the multiplying yeast. Flour is undoubtedly the most important ingredient in a bread. You can’t have a bread without flour.

At which temperature liquid should be added?

If you are wondering about the correct temperature at which liquid should be added to the mix, the reply is room temperature.  Yeasts need the warm temperature to grow, but too much heat would not help at all.

Other ingredients

Now as the basics are done, now you can experiment with different ingredients. You can exchange rye flour with some wheat flour, honey can be replaced by maple syrup, and you can replace any milk for water or water for milk. When you are making replacements, you have to keep one thing in mind that dry can replace the dry ingredients and wet can replace the wet ingredients. In some cases, you can use dry milk to replace the fresh milk or such. Seeds, herbs, spices can be added for your taste bud. You can also use cheese, but cheese is considered as a wet ingredient as it melts with heat.

Therefore, making bread with the help of machine is easy and fun; you have lots of options to play with and make your family happy with different recipes you bake with, just remember not to exceed your machine’s capacity.