Top-notch applicant tracking and recruiting software takes a recruiting firm from one-of-the-pack status to a notable leader. A state-of-the-art recruiting system can do an excellent job sending candidates to its employer clients. 

Applicant tracking software, referred to commonly as ATS, automates the recruiting process. It sorts through the hundreds or thousands of candidate resumes submitted for each job posting. The ATS algorithm determines which candidates are acceptable fits for the posted position. The process is typically driven by keyword search.   

Notable applicant tracking software features:

  • Applicant profiles – typically including name, location, contact information, work history, links such as social media profiles, blogs and websites, and a copy of the resume itself
  • Ongoing search – With a robust ATS, filling an open position might alleviate a new job posting.  The customizable command process allows a recruiter to set up keyword parameters that search resumes submitted for earlier positions. Candidates who’ve not been chosen previously, but a good fit for the current opening, will sort to the top of the candidate list. The recruiter can then email, text or call those candidates prior to making the decision that a job posting might be needed.   
  • Social media crawl –  Following the recruiter’s customized parameters, the ATS searches Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and other social platforms, for the keywords that indicate that someone with a social media profile has the right education, skills and / or work experience, for the client’s open position.  it can also eliminate candidates, by way of keywords that indicate intolerable attitudes or offenses. Recruiters often eliminate candidates for a vast array of social-media indicators, such as drunkenness, drug use, political ranting, lewd behavior, and attitudes contrary to the client’s workplace culture. 
  • Progress notes – Everything that happens before, during and after the interview can be noted, shared in-house by levels of authorization, and sorted, specific to candidates and positions. A recruiter can see at a glance every contact with each applicant, where he or she is in the applicant process (determined not to be a good fit, a good fit and invited to apply, applied and invited to phone interview, interviewed by phone and eliminated or invited to face-to-face interview, eliminated or hired based on face-to face interview, and so forth.) Each interviewer’s notes on each interaction are visible to all that have been authorized.

These primary ATS features make it clear that the must-have competitive edge for recruiting firms comes from versatile, customizable applicant tracking and recruiting software