Considering interior window shutters in your home? This window treatment option has become extremely popular in recent years — and for good reason. Below, check out the amazing benefits that interior shutters or “plantation shutters” can provide for your home:

The Benefits of Interior Shutters for Your Home

  • They’re a permanent addition to your home.

Unlike other types of shutters or window treatments, interior plantation shutters are actually a permanent addition to your windows and doors. This means that they need to be replaced less often and will require less repairs.

  • They can provide added insulation for heating and cooling.

In areas that may get cold during the winter months or at night, wooden interior shutters provide added heating insulation for your windows and doors. Of course, the same goes for the hotter months of the year as well: closing the shutters during the hottest hours of the day can keep your home cooler by deflecting sunlight. All of this insulation, in turn, can reduce your utility bills over time.

  • Their style stands the test of time.

For hundreds of years, shutters have been used in homes around the world. In Mediterranean regions like Italy and Greece, for example, shutters are used consistently in almost all buildings and homes to deflect the hot sunlight in the hottest hours of the afternoon. Their style is timeless and always looks updated.

  • Their safer for your home.

Most window treatments that are fabric-based require cords and strings. These can be especially dangerous for children and even for some pets.

  • They’re available in numerous styles and colors.

Just like any fabric-based window treatments, you can purchase your interior shutters with any style in mind. Stain your shutters in an array of different shades, or paint them in any color you like. You can do anything you want to your shutters in order to match your existing décor. There are even multiple slat styles to choose from, and of course, you may choose to only use this style of shutters on specific windows or doors to achieve your desired look.

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