If you live in Canada and are looking for certain type of steroid, then you need to know its legality in the country. It is better to do a little research about the availability of various steroids as well. Many bodybuilders, often need a certain type of anabolic steroids, however as per the law prevailing in Canada, you need to have prescription to buy them.

Usually, doctors prescribe steroids for any medical problem and not for bodybuilding. Therefore, bodybuilders need to find black market sources to obtain the desired steroid. This is very risky, as you may end up getting a fake product.

Fake products can harm you in the worst possible. Some might have aggressive reactions, while other might not show any result. Thus, always buy a genuine product and avoid any health dangers.

You will find a few steroids that are sold at the medical stores without prescription. However, they are mostly the corticosteroids which are in the form of creams or spray. If you intend to buy Dianabol, Anadrol or Testosterone without prescription in Canada, then you will not get it. It is because the legal status of different steroidsis different in Canada.

There are a few legal diatary supplements available in Canada, which are mostly available from online shops in Canada that is useful for improving muscles and reducing fats. These are called legal anabolics that you can buy without showing any prescription. Since no banned ingredients present in these anabolics and hence there are no issues with these..

What is steroid law in Canada?

You can buy most of the steroids in Canada legally by producing any Doctor’s prescription. Neither it is illegal to possess any steroids however you are not allowed to sell them. Therefore you will be forced to turn to black market sources. Unless you have sufficient money to test these from any lab, it is risky to consume them too.

In Canada suppliers of illegal drugs are also penalized. Also bodybuilders who possess large quantity of these steroids may also be prosecuted as this would imply your intent to sell them illegally.

Therefore you have to live with low quality of contaminated steroids produced by certain underground labs or some online pharmacy who sell these drugs manufactured by certain illegal or uncontrolled sources.

However if you compare the law of Canada regarding steroids and other drugs, Canada is little liberal as compared to the USA, where simple possessing of drug is also considered illegal. Same can also be said about UK and many other European countries as well.

Therefore the safer option in Canada is to buy alternates of steroids. These steroid alternates can also give good results and you can also buy them legally without any hassle.