When you have a senior loved one in San Antonio who needs assistance with everyday tasks and activities, 24 hour home care is a great option to consider. This type of care ensures that your loved one has assistance around the clock rather than only having limited help as they would at an assisted care facility. Learn more about the benefits of having this kind of care for senior loved ones. 

Personalized Care

Seniors in assisted living facilities only receive a certain amount of care on a regular basis, since staff have several patients to care for. When you hire a 24-hour caregiver in San Antonio, you can rest assured that your senior loved one is receiving highly personalized care anytime it’s needed. If your loved one needs help in the middle of the night or if they need help getting dressed or bathing during the day, their caregiver will be there to assist them. 

Improved Safety

Seniors who have 24 hour home care in San Antonio are safer than those who only have a caregiver around for short periods of time during the day. Caregivers who are around 24 hours are able to make sure that seniors remain as safe as possible at all times, which helps reduce the risk of falls and other serious injuries. Since caregivers can also help with meal preparation, medication and transportation, this lowers the risk of other dangers in or outside the home, such as kitchen fires and medication errors. When your senior loved one has an around-the-clock caregiver, you don’t have to worry about their safety when you or other family members aren’t around. 

Better Quality of Life

Seniors who live in assisted living facilities don’t have as much opportunity to maintain a higher quality of life. Having a caregiver around all the time allows seniors to stay in their own home, where they’re surrounded by all of their favorite belongings. They don’t have to get used to sleeping in a different bed or getting used to a new environment. Their caregiver can make sure that they’re comfortable and safe in their own home. This can be particularly important for seniors who have dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other conditions that can impair their memory and other cognitive functions. 

More Affordable

Having 24 hour home care typically costs less than having a senior loved one go to an assisted living facility. These facilities charge for room and board, along with meals and other types of care. Around-the-clock home care fees are for the care that seniors receive without extra costs for meals or room and board. Seniors can have the help they need all the time at an affordable cost.