To choose the best alternative for protecting your company’s data, it is important to understand that backup and storage are two distinct things. The difference is not exactly in terminology, after all, backup is still a form of storage.

What is data backup?

It’s basically a back up of files stored by cloud service providers or on devices such as external hard drive, tape, and pen drive. The important thing here is to point out that this backup needs to be out of the device. More indicated would still be if you were not even sharing the same physical space.

When doing a data backup, it is expected to protect the information contained therein from a disaster that causes the originals to lose, such as burning the machine, flooding, theft, etc. With the copies stored, it is possible to recover and restore the data and resume operations with the help of RAID data recovery services NY.

And what is storage?

It is a storage unit made up of several hard disks (HD) connected via RAID technology, whose function goes far beyond protecting the data of catastrophes.

Basically, a storage device should be able to:

  • Store data (intermediate and final);
  • Manage this data while they are stored;
  • Protect data, avoiding losses.

Storage Advantages

Compared to the backup process, the storage system has two very clear advantages: availability and performance. When you need to recover and restore a backup, you cannot do it instantly and there will certainly be some shutdown of the processes until it is completed. In the case of storage, these data are immediately available and can be accessed quickly.

Most of these features come from RAID technology that allows you to connect multiple smaller HDDs, making them a single logical set. Depending on how they are connected (RAID 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6), performance and availability are changed.

Backup X Storage

The truth is that the two services are complementary and not exclusive. The backup is nothing more than a copy of the data that is on the hard drive, that is, the hard drives that make up the storage and are connected via RAID.

If something happens to the information that is there, it will be possible to retrieve and restore it. What’s more, they can be stored in the long term, for years, whether in the cloud, in another HD or even tape. Whether for backup or storage, real help is offered by professional data recovery services.